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University of Melbourne Full Tuition Fee Global Corporations and International Law PhD Scholarships Australia, 2022/2023

University of Melbourne is a coeducational institution of higher learning in Australia, funded primarily by the national government. Undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne choose from specific specializations in several degree options such as agriculture, arts, biomedicine, business, design, environment, fine arts, music, oral health and science.

With nearly 20 graduate schools and five research institutes, the University of Melbourne encourages collaborations and partnerships among university researchers, as well as participation from industry, government and non-profit organizations. These institutes focus on neuroscience, sustainable society, networked society, energy and social equity. One of the University of Melbourne’s research achievements dates back to the 1970s, when researchers developed the cochlear implant, an electronic device used to restore the sense of sound to people with severe hearing loss.

The University of Melbourne has a reputation for providing students with an extended learning environment that goes far beyond simple organized instruction.

The University of Melbourne’s curriculum is unique in that it allows students to gain a broader understanding of the world beyond their degree. With their quality education and in-depth knowledge, University of Melbourne graduates are adaptable, flexible, and ready to take on any future challenges. 

Scholarship Description: 

  • Host University: University of Melbourne; 
  • Host Country: Australia; 
  • Study Level: PhD; 
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded;  
  • Scholarship Worth: 35,000$AUD; 
  • Eligible Countries: National and International Students; 
  • Subjects available: Law; 
  • Application Deadline: September 30th, 2022 

The Fully Tuition Fee Global Corporations and International Law PhD Scholarships are available for International PhD Students in the field of Law at the University of Melbourne, Australia. 

The scholarships’ benefits are:

  • Full tuition remission for up to 4 years; 
  • A stipend of AUD 35,000 per year pro-rated to the full-time study rate for up to 4 years, and includes limited paid sick, maternity and parental leave; 
  • A relocation allowance and medical coverage for international students (OSHC), if applicable; 
  • Research support funds through Project Laureate for project-related travel. 


To be eligible, applicants must meet all the given criteria: 

  • The scholarship is open to applicants of any nationality and location; 
  • Applicants must be eligible for acceptance by the University of Melbourne into a PhD program and the scholarship is conditional on acceptance into the PhD program. 

Application process:   

To apply, candidates must enroll in the university’s doctoral program: “” 

Supporting Documents: 

  • Complete CV; 
  • All previous undergraduate and graduate transcripts, including complete grading scales; 
  • Information on previous research conducted; 
  • A written sample of a substantial research article or thesis evaluated by the applicant; 
  • A two-page (maximum) research proposal; this may be a general idea or an expression of interest in an area of research identified in the doctoral project section, with some initial thoughts on a particular project. 

Admission Requirements: 

The applicant will be required to meet the entry requirements of the law school’s doctoral program. 

Conditions of Language: 

Applicants are required to meet the minimum standards outlined for each of the six criteria, including the University’s English language requirements: